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Love & Notes Spongette

Love & Notes Spongette

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A sonnet in scents, each fragrance is a verse narrating passion's crescendo. Relax, exfoliate, and revitalize with each scent guiding you on a harmonious journey.

Soulful Lyrics Love & Notes Body Buffer boast notes of tranquil ozone, delicate peony, and warm sandalwood.

Intimate Forte Love & Notes Body Buffer boast notes of warm bergamot, soft jasmine, and sensual musk.

Acoustic Harmony Love & Notes Body Buffer boast notes of fresh coconut, delicate orange flower blossoms, and tranquil balsam.

Primal Motif Love & Notes Body Buffer boast notes of spicy cardamom, fresh freesia, and creamy sandalwood.

Poetic Melody Love & Notes Spongette boast spicy notes of crisp juniper, delicate orris, and rich amber.

Classic Crescendo Love & Notes Spongette boast notes of fresh roses, sweet muguet, and cozy patchouli. 

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