My Drink Bomb-4 pack

  • $5.25

Four Pack Drink BombTM Mixes are back with a NEW look!

Romance Box  |  Botanical Box  |  Tropical Box

Pick your Box below:

Romance #1: SweetTART, Passion Fruit, Orange Crush, Pink Lemonade
Romance #2: Bellini Blush, Mimosa, Prosecco Rose, Champagne
Botanical: Lavender Lush, Hibiscus Rose, Black Orchid, Lychee Rose
Tropical: Guava Pineapple, Hurricane, Dragon Fruit, Coconut Mojito

Drink BombsTM typically dissolve in less than a minute. Ice cold sparkling water will dissolve slower. Always add alcohol last; because alcohol typically has sugar so that it will dissolve more gradually. We recommend alcohol with lower sugar content for a low-calorie drink.

One Drink BombTM can make up to two cocktails, 6-8 oz per drink, depending on how sweet you like your drinks.

Our Drink BombsTM are gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO, and made of natural ingredients.