Woven with Hope Woven Tapestry- Colors Vary

Woven with Hope Woven Tapestry- Colors Vary

  • $10.00


We are a small business working with under-privileged artisans in North Africa to
design and produce woolen, woven home goods. Each purchase enables Arab
women to provide for their families and earn a voice in their communities.
For many nomadic peoples across North Africa, women traditionally demonstrated
their value in the society through their skill in weaving. When the tribes settled in
the mid-1900s, this skill was gradually lost. As a result, women lost much of their
value and influence within the community.
At Woven With Hope, our goal is to provide women with support and training to
relearn this ancient craft. As a weaver begins to earn money, she also earns
respect within her home and community, allowing her to prioritize her children’s
education and her family’s health.

Each piece takes several hours to handweave and is crafted from locally sourced

materials including wool yarn and date palm fronds.