• $14.00

Written by M.H. Clark

Designed by Chelsea Bianchini

“Even though this is hard, you are continuing. Just by being, you are continuing.
And even though it is a struggle, even though it is slow, your continuing changes things.”

This moment may come with its challenges. This supportive encouragement book is an opportunity to reconnect — with your breath, with your body, with your being.

Its artistic photography and affirming words create a calming, meditative space to find refuge and gentle reminders that you are strong enough to keep going.

    • Beautiful photography and touching words invite moments of mindfulness and peace
    • Filled with therapeutic mantras you can return to again and again
    • A reassuring gift for someone facing tough times, navigating anxiety, or facing a divorce or breakup
    • Features an elegant cloth cover
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Size: 5.75″W x 7″H
    • Page count: 48 pages